Our Services

Educational Consultation

Whether it is reviewing toys or apps, or reading scripts, we are able to give you some insight on how a child may view the product, and how strong the educational elements are. We are also experts when it comes to script consultation. We are willing to participate in table read discussions and can provide notes during outline, first draft, second draft, final draft, and animatic stages. Our consultation includes a written summary of general suggestions for improving the script, as well as specific line by line suggestions of how to make the educational aspects of the script stronger.

Diversity Consultation

The media industry has recognized the need to have diverse perspectives on both sides of the camera. We can help you with that! Our team can present your company with an in-depth analysis of the diversity that exists in children’s media. We will highlight clips of shows that are doing it well and teach your team how to evaluate media to ensure that when you aim to be diverse, you are doing it right. While the name Natascha Crandall may suggest otherwise, it is true that she is a person of color! She is a Pakistani-American with biracial children, and can give insight into the diversity that exists within the Muslim population. She has also worked as a diversity consultant for shows that feature multiple races and has leveraged other consultants who can speak to the race and ethnicity of the characters genuinely. We wholeheartedly believe in the mantra “don’t speak about us without us” and work towards achieving this authentically.

Curriculum Development

When developing a curriculum, we incorporate the fundamental components of the teaching and learning process and translate this into achievable goals in which to guide the development of your property. This process begins with multiple discussions about your property and its intended learning outcomes. The curriculum will then be developed by assessing the pertinent developmental aspects of the target audience and leveraging the appropriate learning theories while taking into account current societal trends.

Formative Research

When conducting research, we ask the experts… the children! (Okay, we sometimes ask their parents questions too.) Regardless of the audience, we are meticulous in using rigorous research methodologies. We gather data by observing how children interact with your products and moderate discussions with children and/or parents on what they thought of the products. This information is then analyzed to find patterns in the responses. We are adept at interpreting the data and developing realistic suggestions of how to improve your product. Upon completion of the research study, we will conduct a formal presentation to review all aspects of your product and will provide you with a detailed written report on all of the findings.

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