About Us

Crandall Consulting is a research and consulting firm that is committed to improving the educational quality of entertainment for children. Toward that end, we provide highly customized services for a wide range of businesses and organizations whose missions are to produce television shows and apps for various mobile media platforms. Our services include Educational Consultation, Diversity Consultation, Curriculum Development, and Formative Research.

Crandall Consulting, International

Over the past few years, Crandall Consulting has worked with production companies based in various parts of the world. We have also partnered with a research companies abroad and are able to research your product with children residing in London or Canada and will continue to provide you with feedback from children living in the New York City area. When working with an international company, we ensure that our educational services are both up to date and in line with the National Educational Standards for that country. When necessary, we enlist the assistance of local educators or experts in specific fields to meet our goal of producing high quality work.

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